Net effect of prayers — meeting the PM

September 15, 2020

St Kevin’s College intermediate A netballers had their prayers answered when they met Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern yesterday.

A little earlier, the Oamaru girls went into a huddle outside the Dunedin Centre, in Harrop St, and asked God to let them meet Ms Ardern.

"It was a really unreal experience," pupil Tessa Souness (14) said.

"She is really inspirational to us."

The team, in town for the Otago Southland junior netball tournament, was able to speak to her for some time.

It was a conversation that gave the team the determination it needed for its next game, Tessa said.

"It really helped us to win the next game ... We were so determined. We want to be like her one day." REPORT: MOLLY HOUSEMAN,